The Veteran Character Actor is a title we give to those accomplished unsung heroes of the film industry. You see these men and women in films all the time, but you rarely, if ever, take the time to learn their names. It is for these people, without whom many great films could not have been made, that we dedicate this page. The title is not one given lightly. Each of these actors undergoes the strictest of scrutiny by our esteemed panel, the VCA. The VCA, established in the fall of 1998, salutes these actors, and they are rewarded their title for a career of hard and dedicated work to their craft. Note: This page is dedicated to those we feel deserve recognition and do not receive it; if any of these artists receive much desrved mainstream credit, they will sadly be removed from this list.
Charles Napier
September 1998
"You're gonna look pretty funny eatin' corn on the cob with no f*ckin' teeth!" - The Blues Brothers (1980)

FSI Recommends: The Blues Brothers, Philadelphia
Dan Hedaya
October 1998
"Checkers--shut up! Or I'll feed you to the Chinese!"- Dick (1999)

FSI Recommends: Dick, For Love or Money
William H. Macy
October 1998
"God Gave me a gift. I shovel; I shovel well." - Mystery Men (1999)

FSI Recommends: Boogie Nights, Bennie and Joon
Luis Guzmán
December 1998
"I'm the ultimate Latin Lover. There ain't no Latin Lover like me."- Boogie Nights (1997)

FSI Recommends: The Limey, Magnolia, Traffic
Hector Elizondo
February 1999
"Peek-a-booby"- Private Resort (1985)

FSI Recommends: Tortilla Soup, Nothing In Common
Joe Pantoliano
May 1999
"I've had more rewarding friendships than this one." - Memento (2001)

FSI Recommends: La Bamba, Ready to Rumble